A Bit more about us

Our Story

We’re a family-friendly church based at the Lanthorn Centre in Livingston. The church started in 2016 when some families from King’s Church Edinburgh moved to West Lothian to start a new congregation here.

We’ve grown steadily in size to a group of about 60 including lots of children, babies and various nationalities. In September 2017 we started meeting every Sunday at the Lanthorn Community Centre. The church is currently led by Matthew Clifton Brown and Dave Hill.

If you’re into church lingo we’d describe ourselves as reformed, charismatic and evangelical. We trust the bible, worship Jesus and welcome the Holy Spirit. Our meetings are lively and relaxed and we’re building a community that is full of joy, friendship and love for one another.

You’re very welcome to visit, especially if you don’t normally go to church or wouldn’t consider yourself a Christian.

We’re a part of an international family of churches called New Ground, part of Newfrontiers. We have good connections with a number of other churches in West Lothian and are keen to work alongside those already serving here.

If you’d like to find out more about us please get in touch or come and visit.